DigitalFUTURES Online Workshops 2024 | Nature Abstractions

Nature Abstractions: A digital approach to the natural world using grasshopper.

Instructor: Daniel Panameño Corvera

Apply here:

This workshop, led by Daniel Panameño, focuses on applying nature-inspired patterns and behaviors to computational design. Participants will learn to analyze natural geometries and develop abstractions to enhance their design processes using Grasshopper and GhPython. The workshop covers nature analysis, sketching, pseudo-code, and visualization of results. Over four days, attendees will engage in practical activities and case studies, emphasizing collaboration and hands-on coding. Experience with Grasshopper is required, and familiarity with GhPython is beneficial. The goal is to strengthen creative processes in computational design by drawing inspiration from nature.

#biodesign #biomimicry #computationaldesign


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