DigitalFUTURES Online Workshops 2024 | Building Game

Building Game: How Immersive Gaming can Shape Ever-Evolving Architecture

Instructors: Mohamed Khaled Ashmawy

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This workshop explores the integration of augmented reality (AR) within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry using a gamified approach. Central to this workshop is the “Building Game,” a voxel-based system for architectural modular systems, developed during my master’s thesis semester. This software enables a multi-user collaborative design environment in a grid-based system, serving as the foundation for teaching participants to create AR-powered applications on the Oculus Quest, offering new solutions for AEC design challenges. Participants will start with an introduction to Unity, through hands-on sessions, they will learn to navigate the interface, create basic scenes, and understand the fundamentals of game development. The workshop will then delve into voxel-based systems, explaining their principles and applications in architecture and design. Voxel technology allows for the creation of complex modular structures in an intuitive and simplified manner. Participants will gain practical experience diving into the Building Game software,and learning how to design and code those systems.


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