DigitalFUTURES: Introduction to Parametric Modelling

Workshop Leader: Abhishek Bij / Design Plus Architects, Sushant School of Architecture, Architectural Association, Gurgaon Design Collective

What can one expect to Learn?

1. Understanding principles of Computational Thinking: Algorithmic thinking does not require dependency on computers. It’s a structured way of thinking. The process of reducing subjective information into its object parts or sub-parts. These topics would be covered through presentation(s) and conversation with friends.

2. What’s referred to as ‘Parametric Design’: Understanding the primary principal of parametric design. Discussion of dependency and correlation. Discussion on some seminal projects which initiated parametric design discussions in Architecture.

3. Grasshopper interface and essentials: Introduction to the grasshopper GUI and understanding the prompts that Gh plugin provides to its user for easy navigation.

4. Data Tree: Grasshopper organises and stores information in a unique way. It is critical to comprehend this methodology to progress in grasshopper.

5. Creation of Parametric Models: We will learn a few neat tricks by creating our own parametric models. These could range from playing with attractors, rotations, twists, contouring, where the application could be from parametric facades to creating sculptural volumes.

6. Extracting information: it is one thing to create visuals, it is another level to extract information from the creating models and observe the changes in the same real-time. We will learn how to extract information from the created models in stage above.

7. Further Learning: Sharing important links and resources to further the learning curve. Also sharing essential additions to grasshopper.


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