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Digital logotype in Illustrator video, a mountain vector logo design using Adobe Illustrator cs6.

This is a typography logo video where I design some Illustrator digital logotype based around the theme of a mountain. I use typography to create a simple vector logo design, simple yet fresh and cool looking. The digital logotype video shows the design work that spanned across 2 days in total and I enjoyed making this digital logotype design in Illustrator cs6 very much so, so hope you enjoy watching the logo design Illustrator video too!

I have a passion for typography design as well as logotype, and more often than not I work on these aspects of graphic design using Adobe Illustrator. This is because it is a vector based program, allowing the designer to zoom in to great detail and work around curves and points with clear clarity, as apposed to using pixels in Photoshop. Also, exporting the work as a vector file ensures that the quality is maintained when blowing up or decreasing the dimensions.
Lastly I prefer using the pen tool in Illustrator cs6 rather than Photoshop, this is just a personal preference though.

As a graphic designer I understand the importance of solid typography design, especially logotype, as it can make or break a design. So in this digital white logotype in Illustrator video, I wanted the main theme to be the typography or logotype, and secondly for it to be the mountain vector logo aspect.

As well as having a vast experience with logo design, I have a large experience with typography. Both are best created in Illustrator in my honest opinion as it is a vector based program as I mentioned above.
So as you can tell I am a big fan of using Illustrator for logo design as well as Illustrator logotype, typography too. I wanted to take all of this passion and create a visually strong mountain logo or mountain logotype design.

I was pleased with how this Illustrator logotype design turned out and I am considering putting it onto t-shirts, a vector mountain logo t shirt design. I think the colours used as well as the style really reflect the mountain theme and a freshness in this digital logotype illustrator video, what do you think? I really like how illustrator creates typography effects, especially in this design.

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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