Designing New Features for a Food Delivery App with Elizé Todd – 1 of 2

Want to get hired by a leading company like Airbnb, Spotify or Doordash? These companies typically hire designers who show an aptitude for designing new features within existing products! Tune in with Elizé Todd as she covers the basics on how to work within the constraints of an existing app with a focus on strategic user experience. Over the next two days she’ll add a new feature to the Doordash app that allows users to send food and drinks as small tokens of appreciation.

Elizé Todd is a UX Design Strategist, Educator, and Youtuber based in Los Angeles: |
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:17 Intro
06:40 Strategy
12:00 User flow analysis
24:10 Adding icons
42:57 Repeat grid
01:02:46 Hi-fi wireframes
01:16:10 Call to actions


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