Designing Happier Living – SMALL FOOTPRINT – Ep 1


Small Footprint living has more advantages than most think. In episode one of this new series Colin steps out of his own 37sqm/290sqft apartment to meet the architects and city planners resisting urban sprawl. As well as returning to The Warren with Nicholas Gurney for a deep dive into its space efficient design and the role small, well designed apartments have in our future cities. In Melbourne, architects Michael Frazzetto and Ellen Kwek share how small footprint architecture and an innovative bedroom design have afforded them a family home in an area they were priced out of. reflecting on how Australia might be lagging behind more considered European cities like Amsterdam.

Our regular Never Too Small episodes will continue releasing fortnightly. This is a different kind of series from us, but we’re excited to know what you think. Please leave us feedback and comments on the video.

0:00 – Intro with Colin
2:13 – How are cities are growing with Rob Adams
3:36 – Revisiting The Warren with Nicholas Gurney
8:55 – Michael & Ellen’s small footprint family home
14:10 – Outro with Colin

Supported by Screen Australia & Youtube through the Skip Ahead Initiative

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Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Directed & Presented by: Colin Chee
Producer: Luke Clark
Cinematographer: Simon Davies
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

Music: Songbird by Doug Kaufman
Singularity by Anbr
Null by Veshza
Existing in Space by Be Still The Earth
Awake by Moment of Now
The Contrarian by Michael Graff
Ballerina by Yehezkel ray
The Collector by Dear Gravity
Rise by Hans Johnson
Summer in Paris by Lance Conrad


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