NEVER TOO SMALL: Japanese YouTuber’s DIY Rental, Tokyo 58sqm/624sqft

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This charming and welcoming small apartment close to central Tokyo is the rented home of Hige and Watashi (the creators of the wonderful YouTube channel HIGE and ME / HIGE TO WATASHI in Japanese). It is a masterclass in how the challenges and constraints of renting can be met with creativity and a sense of fun. The calming plant-filled loft apartment is a reflection of the couple’s enthusiasm for vintage treasures, upcycling and clever DIY. A concrete wall that could not be altered has been brought to life with hanging plants suspended by a branch and metal hooks fixed to existing light fittings. Highly functional and flexible storage solutions have been created from recycled wooden apple boxes in the living room and a combination of DIY and flatpack furniture in the kitchen and dining room. When the ideal thing does not exist or cannot be found, Hige and Watashi simply make it, which only adds to the sense of character and warmth of this very special small home.

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Renters: HIGE and ME / HIGE TO WATASHI in Japanese
Youtube channel:
Instagram: @204_apartment

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director & cinematographer: Nam Tran
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Jess Ruasol
Thumbnail photography by: & @tsubottlee
Music: Intercede Pt. 2 (feat. L E O V I) by smplsmth


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