Designing cities for increasing temperatures

London as an Urban Heat Island has seen unprecedent heat waves in recent years. This has been accelerated by the climate emergency. As we reach a pivotal point in history, regarding the next steps needed to reach the 2050 NetZero agenda, the built environment sector must start preparing for the future.

Data has suggested the negative impacts to wellbeing that living within Urban Heat Islands can have. Rising heat temperatures have been proven to disproportionality affect more marginalised groups of society such as, older people, young children and those with pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and/or cardiovascular.

It is paramount that our buildings and urban spaces are preparing to mitigate the effects extreme heat can have on its civilians. What are the challenges and opportunities when designing to mitigate increasing temperatures? How can air quality within buildings improve the impacts extreme temperatures have on its occupants? What strategies can be implemented within design to stabilise temperatures when weather changes?

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