Designing and Applying Patterns to Mockups with Cyn Lagos – 2 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud

Join Graphic Designer Cyn Lagos on Adobe Live as she shares how to create patterns for different designs. On Day 1, watch as Cyn creates the illustrations inspired by the new images from the NASA James Webb Telescope using Adobe Capture. Day 2, join in as she applies patterns and creates different mockups using Photoshop. Stay tuned to learn different ways of masking to speed up your mockup process!

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Guest Cyn Lagos a Latin American visual storyteller with a focus on multi-diverse digital expressions; Street Photography, Graphic Design, and immersive technology, based in TX:

Host Anika Aggarwal is a Graphic Designer and Creative Streamer based in Toronto, Canada:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Cyn and Day 1 Recap
08:30 Creating pattern elements
10:00 Exploring pattern settings and swatches
16:20 Where to find custom swatches/patterns you’ve created
19:00 Resizing and editing patterns
22:30 Advice for creating seamless patterns
28:30 Creating a star pattern
31:45 Real use cases for patterns
33:00 Advice for printing patterns
35:10 Using Adobe Capture
46:00 File naming advice
49:00 Scaling patterns and pattern elements
54:00 Working with mockups
56:50 Subject select
01:00:00 Different methods of altering a mockup file
01:31:00 Artist Spotlight: Santiago González
01:45:00 Does Cyn have go-to mockups or does she use new ones each time?
01:52:15 Recap of Day 1 and 2

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Designing and Applying Patterns to Mockups with Cyn Lagos – 2 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud


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