Designing a Vitamin Brand Identity w/ Julia Masalska – 2 of 2

Join designer Julia Masalska on Adobe Live as she designs a vitamin brand in Adobe Illustrator! This week, Julia will showcase her full design workflow for designing logos, creating patterns and selecting colors. Learn how she creates a color library in Illustrator before applying her designs to collateral in Photoshop and Dimension.

Julia Masalska is a freelance graphic designer based in Colorado:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Creating a bottle label: 18:00
Pencil tool options: 35:00
Packaging and printing: 47:00
Designing for Barcodes: 52:00
Working with clipping masks: 55:30
Exporting for Photoshop/Using mockups: 1:18:00


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