Designing a Timeless Home That Evokes Simplicity (House Tour)

Inside the timless home of a builder, structurally efficient and practical interior design are naturally prioritised. Brighton East 2 by InForm is a suburban family home that combines these traits with carefully considered spaces, both indoors and out, architecture and interior design.

Built for InForm’s Managing Director Cameron McKimm, Brighton East 2 is a solid architectural structure, evoking a sense of simplicity that is powerful, timeless and dynamic in both architecture and interiors. Its bold timeless design – with a layout derived from a dumbbell floorplan – is marked by its dramatic entryway, which is accessed down a garden pathway of the landscape design. Upon entry, a steel staircase greets entrants and acts as a sculptural piece – a bridging element per se – that connects the upper and lower levels of the home.

The design of the timeless home, by Simon Perkins of Pleysier Perkins, is fed by its minimalistic intention and expressed through a restrained palette of materials throughout both the exterior and interior design. The surprising use of curve throughout the exterior architect of the home suggests movement and fluidity that would otherwise be absent from a solid square structure and home. These gentle curves are visible through the interior spaces such as kitchen island bench, as well as exterior spaces such as the pool, loggia and architecture of the home and building.

Ladnscape designer Jack Merlo of Jack Merlo Design pioneered the landscape install and architecture, integrating the gracefulness of the garden with the daring density of the larger structure. Inside the timeless home of a builder, aspects of the garden are featured – such as the glass kitchen splashback with views to the bamboo outside or the indoor garden under the stairs – the architectural exterior and the interior spaces begin to fuse together. The softness of the lush green acts as a juxtaposition against the bolder architectural forms. Additionally, the interior brick walls diffuse any stark separation between the exterior design and interior spaces, linking the elements seamlessly through thoughtful and timeless home.

Brighton East 2 explores how built form, landscape architecture, carefully selected materials and detailing can cohesively work together to channel the emotive power of simplicity. The design provides a richness to both the interior and exterior spaces, grounding the timeless family home in its intent.

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Architecture, Interior Design and Build by InForm Design.
Landscape Design band Architecture by Jack Merlo Design.
Styled by Bek Sheppard.
Photography by Derek Swalwell.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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