Designing a Mobile Ordering App with Alex on Design – 1 of 2

Tune in with Alex on Design as he builds a coffee ordering app in Adobe XD! From task flow to wireframes, to design and prototyping – he’ll take you through his full creative process to create a customized coffee ordering experience.

Aleksandar Cucukovic is a teacher, Adobe XD ambassador and the Founder of Web Donut:

Host Jack Watson is a Senior Designer at Blackbird based in Cleveland, OH:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Aleksandar
06:00 Project overview
12:00 The project user flow and its philosophy
18:50 Favorite coffees!
26:00 Variations of Aleksandar’s workflow and project approach
39:40 Solving user flow problems
43:00 Aleksandar’s UiUx sketches
50:00 Sharing your designs with clients
52:45 Problem solving when designing and dealing with clients
01:03:15 Where does Aleksander find icons
01:04:00 Aleksandar’s favorite XD plugins
01:07:10 Aleksandar’s favorite colors to design with
01:08:15 Do you have to name your layers?
01:10 10 Does Alex develop his own apps or send it to a developer?
01:16:00 How did Alex become a content creator?
01:24:00 Working with Anchor points
01:33:10 Great resources for learning XD
01:37:10 Creating a scrolling group
01:39:15 The project Alex has done which he is the most proud of
01:43:20 Creating and using components
01:45:00 Handling difficult client situations
01:48:50 Has Alex ever turned down a project
01:51:50 Red flags to look out for when approached by clients
01:52:50 Working with 3D and UIUX
01:54:00 A recap of work from Day 1


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