Designing a Galactic Podcast App with Talin Wadsworth – 1 of 2

Learn how to use Adobe XD’s newest features from the designers who created them! Join Product Designer Jessica Moon and Principal Designer Talin Wadsworth on Adobe Live as they leverage Auto-Animate, 3D Transforms, voice controls, and audio playback to design a galactic podcast app (with a few surprises)!

Jessica Moon is a Senior Design Manager for Adobe based in San Francisco, CA.

Talin Wadsworth is a Principal Designer for Adobe based in San Francisco, CA.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:40 Intro of Talin’s project inspiration
09:00 Jumping in XD – style guide
15:00 The HOME screen concept
30:00 Creating components
34:00 Enimating with component states
44:50 Ereating a looping animation
49:00 Using the repeat grid to create a scrollable group
51:00 Exploring scrollable group masks
56:00 Exploring the multiflow feature
01:11:30 Animating a ‘scale up” effect in a scrollable group
01:14:00 Using the 3D transform feature
01:18:00 Talin’s career journey
01:29:00 Creating libraries in XD


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