Designer as Entrepreneur, Going Beyond Design: CSUN Portfolio review

Is design more than graphics? Recent graduate, Julianna, is already thinking like an entrepreneur. On this episode, we review Julianna’s portfolio as she turns an assignment into an actual business model called Time Swap where students can tutor one another.

Julianna Doychinov

Behance site:

Portfolio Website:


00:24 Meet Julianna Doychinov
00:37 Q: Was the assignment to come up with an app?
00:52 Q: How do I know the quality of one tutor over another?
01:15 App Critique – The design is meant to support the concept
01:39 focus on the exchange of time concept
02:34 Q: What did you think of the critique?
02:52 Chris’s final thoughts
03:16 Bonus Footage

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