Design Value vs the Value of Design. Main Session. A UDG ideasSpace discussion.

0:00:00 – Introduction (abridged) by Hannah Smart, Director, edge Urban Design.
0:01:42 – What do we want from our places, from cities to high streets to our homes? Neil Bennett, lead partner for strategic infrastructure and urban design at Farrells.
0:05:00 – The most important values for residential design in rural settings. Gary Young. Place 54 Architects & Farrells.
0:08:50 – Poll Question: ‘What do we believe people value the most now and into the future about the places that they live in’?
0:10:30 – Understanding a sense of place and community. Howard Evans. CECA Architects and the University of Sheffield.
0:13:22 – Issues around climate change, health and well being, movement and accessibility. Preserving some of the progress wrought during a pandemic. Richard Stacey. Evoke Transport Planning.
0:19:14 – Poll Question: ‘Do you believe the development community should be offering a better product to the market and if so, how’?
0:20:32 – The priorities of design professionals vs the priorities of the public. The importance of quality in design. Sarah Murray. Director, edge Urban Design.
0:26:58 – The scope for more organic, small scale growth. Russell Jarvis. Jarvis Homes.
0:34:00 – Poll Question: ‘What is the biggest barrier to improving the quality of design of development’?
0:35:32 – Evolve and adapt but do not perpetually try reinventing the wheel. Mark Schmull. Arrow Planning.
0:42:00 – The Poll question results. Richard Stacey.
0:52:46 – Audience questions with responses from the panel. Village life or suburban life? Housing for the financial markets or housing for people? Private space and shared space.


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