Design Technology: Open is Opportunity: Andy Watts – Director of Design Technology, Grimshaw

This is the keynote lecture following the M.Arch Jury for the Emergent Technologies and Design Taught Postgraduate Programme

The dynamic between technology and design has shifted and will continue to shift, but this evolving relationship is not always seamless. Challenges of adoption, integration and collaboration, can be tackled through open dialogue that enables change and works with the transformative qualities of technology. But making technology accessible is not just a flip of a switch.

For architectural practices, such as Grimshaw, it demands a focus on enabling designers to engage in technology more readily. And for the wider industry, progressing existing tools or leading on new solutions, means a more open and collaborative approach needs to be taken.

Drawing on experience from Grimshaw, as well as wider industry conversations, Andy Watts will provide thoughts and insight on how the industry needs to work together to embrace technology.

As a qualified architect with a background in computational design, Andy Watts has an interest in problem-solving, regardless of scale or platform. Andy is the Director of Design Technology at Grimshaw and leads the practice’s global Design Technology team, overseeing digital discipline such as computational design, BIM, extended reality, urban computation, applications development and environmental performance.



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