Design a Mobile Urban Farming App with Julie Sanduski and Howard Pinsky – 2 of 2

Join Julie Sanduski and host Howard Pinsky on Adobe Live! This week, Julie will prototype a mobile experience for urban farming, helping users build farm spaces on their balconies, driveways and other at-home locations. Julie will focus on a seamless onboarding experience before wiring a high fidelity prototype using Auto-Animate and XDā€™s latest features. Roll your sleeves up and tune in!

Guest Julie Sanduski is an Adobe Creative Resident & UX/UI Designer based in Seattle, WA:

Host Howard Pinsky is a Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:35 Intro to the stream, recap, and new XD features
10:36 Adding Illustration and Onboarding experience
19:20 Adding UI kits
20:05 Horizontal scroll examples
25:31 Adding voice assistant
31:24 Stacks feature
41:30 Design for mobile or web first?
52:30 Adding illustrations from AI
1:00:00 Inspiration and practice to get better
1:10:39 Voice interactions and audio playback
1:14:25 Loading screens and animating an element
1:18:30 Scroll groups
1:28:45 Recap of the design
1:30:53 Review XD Daily challenge
1:54:53 Closing


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