Design a Glam Rock Zine with Shanti Sparrow and Paul Trani – 2 of 2

Join Graphic Designer Shanti Sparrow and host Paul Trani on Adobe Live as she designs a glam rock music zine in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign! Inspired by the 70s music genre, watch Shanti embody the bold, colorful genre in her designs. On day one, Shanti will use simple tools and techniques in Illustrator to create glam-inspired illustrations. On day two, Shanti will take new and previously designed elements into InDesign to design the zine, typesetting and layout features. Tune in and add some glam to your next design!

Guest Shanti Sparrow is an Australian Illustrator, Designer and Educator living in New York City:

Host: Paul Trani is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:30 Intro/recap
05:00 Setting up a new file
14:30 Using master pages
17:50 Making page numbers appear on top of content
28:50 Using the “Fonts In Use” resource
45:50 Layout process sketches
51:00 Using leading


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