Dalle, Midjourney and Dreamstudio AI Young Talk

DigitalFUTURES Young: Dalle, Midjourney and Dreamstudio AI Young Talk
Saturday 15 October 2022 at 10:00am EDT / 4pm CET / 10pm China

This session will present some of the work of early career AI prompt engineers from the fields of art, architecture, and design. Come and join our debate about the potential future impact of AI on these different fields. What will be the future of art, architecture, and design in the age of AI? How will this technology change the design process? How will it affect our outlook as designers? Is our livelihood at risk?

Moderators: Neil Leach, Angelica Paiva Ponzio, Gustavo Afonso Rincón,

Language: English
Live streaming on YouTube and BiliBili. Link in bio

Ash Ali, Christo van der Hoven, Essa Lin, Fadhil Fadhil, Fernanda Olivares, Kate Reed, Luísa Pires, Nasser Fakhouri, Pedro Venegas Rodríguez, Risa Kagami, Sara Faron, Tim Fu

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