Creating Your Personal Brand Identity with Julia Masalska – 2 of 2

Join Graphic Designer Julia Masalska on Adobe Live as she refreshes her personal brand identity and teaches you how to create one of your own! In this two part series, Julia will share a full branding and identity workflow leveraging Illustrator on the iPad to quickly create assets and Illustrator on the desktop to polish them up. Stay tuned to learn how Julia takes branded elements into Adobe Xd to create animated social media assets!

Guest Julia Masalska is a freelance graphic designer based in Colorado:

Host Paul Trani is an Adobe Principal Worldwide Evangelist based in Colorado:
Join us on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:00 Recap
10:20 Brand strategy
18:00 Seeing yourself as a client while designing for yourself
22:00 Creating instagram templates
30:00 Seamless artboards and designing a carousel
35:40 Artboard properties
46:00 Using rulers
48:50 Using the slice tool to create an instagram spread
50:15: Recolor Illustration
01:01:30 The swatches panel
01:11:30 Aligning elements
01:25:00 Auto animate in XD
01:40:15 Type Hierarchy
01:49:00 Drag/Drop images into place in XD
01:52:15 Recording preview animation in XD


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