Creating a Smart Wall Assembly in SketchUp with Profile Builder 2 – SketchUp Plugin Tutorials

In today’s plugin tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a smart wall assembly in Profile Builder 2!
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Today we’re going to talk about using profile builder to create a custom wall assembly. This assembly will automatically generate new framing, sheathing, and drywall as you go. It will also allow you to generate material quantities, so let’s just jump into it.
First thing – profiles and components.
Profile is what profile builder extrudes along your path.
Components get copied along your path.
For example – in a stud framed wall, the base and top plates are profiles – they just get extruded as long as your wall goes.
The studs are components – they aren’t getting extruded, they’re getting copied along your path based on spacing.
Once you understand this, the process gets a lot easier.

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