Creating 3D Lettering Effects in Photoshop with Angelo Konofaos – 2 of 2

Watch and learn alongside graphic and typography designer Angelo Konofaos on Adobe Live as he shares how to create 3D lettering effects! In this two-part series, he’ll take you through his entire design process, from the initial sketch in Adobe Illustrator to the final composition in Photoshop. Stick around for his tips and trips on how to make two different styles of lettering cohesive.

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Guest Angelo Konofaos is a graphic & typography designer based in London, UK:

Host Chris Blackstock is an illustrator, concept artist, taste-maker, and donut eater, based in CA: |

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00:00 Start
03:32 Day one recap and day 2’s plan
08:14 Adding edges to the cut out shapes
17:52 Continuing with highlight/shadow details
23:50 Creating a bubble on the D
25:47 Making a bubble for reuse throughout the composition
29:25 Bubble highlights with the warp tools
37:16 Placing bubbles throughout the composition – layer management
44:06 Creating shadows for the bubbles
46:33 Connecting the bubbles to the letterforms
54:42 Adding graphic flair with the pen/brush method
1:06:18 Adding ink splash details
1:15:02 Creating shine highlights
1:32:13 Artist spotlight of Chris Ellinas
1:42:14 Curves adjustment layer for contrast
1:44:31 Color Lookup adjustments
1:48:21 Applying the selection 3D technique to the Pure type
1:52:51 Recap of Day 1 and 2


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