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Learn to create, construct, and combine shapes to produce original artwork in Adobe XD. Download practice files to follow along:

Get started in Adobe XD:

What you learned: Draw custom graphics using drawing tools and Boolean operators

Use the Line tool

Select the Line tool, then click and drag on the canvas to create a line.
Use the Pen tool

Select the Pen tool and click on the canvas to create the first point. Then move the cursor to a new location and click again to create a segment.
For the next segment, click and drag the point to create a Bezier curve point.
Continue to click on different areas to build a shape.
Finally, click on the first point to create a solid shape.
Create custom shapes with multiple shapes and Boolean operators

Create a shape with the rectangle, ellipse, or polygon tool on an artboard.
Create a second shape that is different from the first shape.
Overlap the shapes on the artboard.
Select both shapes and click the Add Boolean option in the Inspector panel to combine the shapes into a single new shape.
Open the Unite icon in the layers panel to reveal the original, editable shapes.




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