Create a Simple Hipster Logo Design in Illustrator – Retro Text Effect Vector Graphics

SIMPLE LOGO DESIGN TUTORIAL | Use graphic resources to quickly build logo mark | Lettering style logo design

00:18 Principles of creating a simple logo in Illustrator
03:00 Creating our Illustrator document
04:59 Working on screen vs. working from a sketch
06:03 Laying out the text with the Type tool
07:26 Dividing the text into multiple text fields and laying it out
09:25 Creating type on a path
13:14 Adding tagline beneath the logo
14:48 Use the Pen tool to create a few decorations
16:58 Creating the American flag icon
20:53 Adding additional accent text
22:00 Adding a little more text

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In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll use the text and spacing tools in Illustrator to create a VERY basic hipster/retro style logo. Check out all the resources I have listed here in the description and download lots of free graphics and typefaces that will help you create simple hipster style logos. We’ll use the Pen tool to create simple graphics and layout a beautiful distressed retro logo in no time!

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