Create a Neon Nightclub Music Poster in Photoshop CC

CREATE A COMPLEX NEON GRAPHIC | Creating a cool space themed disco club poster | Mixing photos, glows, artwork, lines, and more!

Adobe Stock used in this tutorial:

Project inspiration:

If you create graphics for print or the web, you’ll find lots of useful techniques for graphic design in this tutorial. We will cover everything from building a background and blending images together to importing artwork from Illustrator.

00:37 Getting started and creating a new document
01:43 Gathering my images from Adobe Stock
3:00 Opening the girl, masking her, and dragging her into the poster
05:06 Starting the colorize with a gradient map
07:43 Brushing to add color and texture
09:19 Creating the lines in Illustrator (free download, also!)
22:46 Copying the lines into Photoshop as smart objects
26:58 Moving the group of lines into place
27:50 Creating the central pink star
29:44 Creating the glowing center
34:41 Creating the glowing center shape lines
37:04 Creating the glowing accent dots
40:54 Adding clouds textures
42:24 Adding the title text
45:29 Adding accent text at the top of the poster
48:37 Moving the info text into the poster
49:19 Adding “smart” grain
50:21 Adding the final enriching color enhancement

Powder brush pack:
Clouds by Mila Brush Pack:

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In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use a ton of different techniques to create a space themed and color poster for a club scene. We’ll build the lines for the complex artwork in Illustrator, bring it over to Photoshop, using layer styles, gradient maps, glows, opacity, text, masking, adjustment layers and much, much more! Enjoy the tutorial!

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