Copying Objects with the SketchUp Move Tool – 2 Minute SketchUp Tips

In this tutorial, learn to use the move tool’s copy mode function in SketchUp to create both single and multiple copies quickly and easily!

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SketchUp two minute tips are designed to teach one idea or strategy in SketchUp quickly and clearly. These videos are designed to be quick and easy to follow. Got an idea for a video? Send me a message!

When using SketchUp, one of the biggest tactics you can use in order to save time is to utilize the move tool to create copies.

This strategy will let you create single or multiple copies of objects with the SketchUp Move tool. It and will also allow you to set how far apart these copies are from each other. You can also set the quantity of copies you make with ease.

If you couple this strategy with the use of components in SketchUp, you can save even more time!


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