Conveying Moods Using Cinematic Photo Editing with Amina El Kabbany – 2 of 2

Join photographer Amina on Adobe Live where she will take you through her process of creating pieces for an upcoming collection. Learn how to color grade and make basic adjustments in Lightroom Classic and light retouching in Photoshop. Follow along with Amina as she shows you how to approach editing your photos to convey moods using a series of her favorite photos from over the years. Stick around and learn how she prepares her photos for various use cases including NFTs and a coffee table book.

Guest Amina El Kabbany is a multimedia artist and photographer based in LA:

Host Aaron Nace is a photographer, educator, and founder of, an online resource that provides Photoshop tutorials, based in Chicago:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:45 Introduction
02:25 Amina’s Introduction and recap
04:05 Travel photos
07:55 Overview of the selected photo
09:10 Adjusting exposure and colors
14:50 Color grading
17:55 Noise reduction
23:30 Sunset photo editing
28:40 Batch editing with syncing
31:45 Overexposed vs underexposed
35:20 Editing a midday portrait
39:27 Creating snapshots
52:25 Editing the second portrait
55:40 Select subject
1:05:30 Editing a landscape photo
1:11:10 Lens correction
1:13:30 Syncing landscape edits
1:24:14 Select sky
1:30:45 Artist Spotlight
1:40:12 Editing the final image


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