Designing an At-Home Activity Guide with Ashley Armstrong – 2 of 2

Tune in with designer Ashley Armstrong on Adobe Live as she creates an 8-page activity guide using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator! From recipes, to outdoor activities, watch as Ashley demonstrates her best practices for setting up pages and layouts.

Guest Ashley Armstrong is a multidisciplinary designer based in Providence, Rhode Island:

Host Kladi is a Visual Strategist at Studio Printmysoul based in Manchester, England:

Join us on Behance:

00:00 Start
06:10 Recap of editorial design so far and what’s next for the design
09:22 Using photos to add impact to the design – charging clients for photos
18:20 Looking for a different font to work with the two page spread
21:08 Adding the recipes page to the editorial design
26:10 Exploring and discussing font hierarchy
30:25 Advice on compromising with clients
35:30 Discussing what to show in a portfolio
40:19 Ashley’s path to designing
48:50 A quick review of the production behind the scenes
56:35 Continuing work on the “recipes at home” spread
1;00:25 Beginners advice to learning InDesign
1:03:15 Adobe Max preview with Kladi
1:09:10 Working on the “games” page of the editorial
1:23:22 Continuing work on games/flow chart page
1:30:30 Review of the AI daily creative challenge
1:52:15 Recap of the At-Home Activity Guide editorial design


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