Computation != Changes in Architectural Practice? – Jens Pedersen

EmTech Masterclass
16 October 2017

In his lecture Jens will present his opinion about computation in relation to practice and how he believes that a technological literacy potentially can change the current paradigm for what constitutes practice. This will be presented through a conversation about explorations into computation, material systems, data and robotic fabrication. All the explorations range from early stage research, technical explorations into process that is relevant to practice. All the shown projects will be from workshops, research and practice(both from his own and AKT II).

Jens Pedersen is EmTech alumni and director of the aa_aarhus workshop. Jens currently works at the Aarhus School of Architecture as a research assistant, where he investigates the use of digital fabrication techniques in relation to practice. Prior to working in Denmark Jens worked for the computational team( at akt II, where he worked with architectural offices like BIG, Heatherwick and ZHA.



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