City of Play – Rodrigo Perez de Arce Antoncic

30 November 2017

Evening Lecture

Play, a rebellious instinct and an essentially unproductive activity that governs itself through arbitrary rules, had an enormous impact in the conception of the modern city. As from the 1920s it was taken on board as an urban program. It was embodied in forms that came to characterize a certain type of urban space which was unprecedented. Its urban expressions reflected upon competing agendas however, all driven by the intention of domesticating the rebellious instinct through the assignment of discreet settings for its performance. “City of play” reviews the most representative instances in this process, whilst examining the main underlying forces that shaped it.

Rodrigo Perez de Arce is an architect and lecturer presently living in Chile. He studied at the AA Graduate School and was an AA Diploma Unit Master between 1978 and 1990. His forthcoming book City of Play will be published by Bloomsbury in 2018.


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