Christina Pascoa: Design of the Public Sphere — The Case for Ontario Place

Created for the Fall 2012 Urban Design Studio “Design of the Public Sphere — The Case for Ontario Place,” this proposal would see Ontario Place transformed into a public park with open and programmed space that would be usable year round.The implementation of wetlands, reforested areas, and beaches would help to re-naturalize the shoreline and provide an ideal stop-over location for migratory birds. In order to help fund the revitalization of Ontario Place as a public park, it is proposed that the Province and City form a partnership that would coordinate the selling and leasing of public lands. A new vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood would be created on land currently devoted to the parking lots that service Ontario Place and Exhibition Place. This self-sustaining neighbourhood would include a walkable grid with shops, cafes, and office spaces with residential units above. Historic buildings would be kept intact, while a land bridge over Lakeshore Boulevard would connect Exhibition Place and Ontario Place.

This video includes footage from Credit Valley (, which can be found here:

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