A lecture by Julia Burdova and Olga Aleksakova
Response by Amale Andraos
January 28, 2019

Practicing architecture is never art or technology alone. Our profession is deeply involved with politics and economics. Using examples of their projects, Julia Burdova and Olga Aleksakova from Buromoscow will tell a story of urban change in post-soviet Russia. In almost 30 years of transition, it morphed from socialist model into another one, neither Western nor Asian. Working in these conditions makes one reflect on how built environment changes and shapes people and vice versa.

Buromoscow is one of Moscow’s leading architecture firms, mostly known for changing the face of prefabricated mass housing and creating popular public spaces such as Triumfalnaya square and kindergarten at Varshavskoye 141.

Founded in 2004 by partners Julia Burdova and Olga Aleksakova in Moscow, BuroMoscow are teaching advanced studio VI at GSAPP in Spring 2019. The pair were the first to receive the new Moscow City Prize for Architecture and Urban Planning for their Kindergaten Varshavskoe in 2018.


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