Building Stories – The Awards Talks: Clerkenwell Close

In this video, special guests Amin Taha (GROUPWORK), structural engineer Steve Webb (Webb Yates), and creative director Pierre Bidaud (The Stonemasonry Company Ltd) tell the story behind the Stirling shortlisted project Clerkenwell Close.

This is a recording of an in-person event that took place on 28 June 2022.

Each week architects reveal what it takes to design and deliver an inspiring and impactful building, followed by a live interactive Q&A session. The event is hosted by RIBA President Simon Allford.

15 Clerkenwell Close is a limestone apartment and office building, that sits within the all but vanished boundaries of a circa 11th century Norman abbey. It is a brave, ambitious, highly innovative, and bespoke building, where risks have been taken and have paid off, resulting in a truly imaginative, intriguing, and astonishing work of architecture.

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