Building a Beauty Brand with Sinead Taylor – 1 of 2

Join designer Sinead Taylor as she creates the brand identity for a fun and futuristic beauty brand in Adobe Illustrator and Xd! In part 1, she’ll share the brand strategy and mood board before selecting a color palette, typography, and designing the logo. Stick around for part 2 as she builds out templates for the social media strategy and creates a presentation for her clients using Adobe XD!

Guest Sinead Taylor is a graphic designer based in the United Kingdom:

Host Lola Adewuya is a graphic designer based in Washington:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:00 Introduction of Sinead
05:45 Project overview
07:50 Reference and Inspiration
15:30 Sinead’s most and least favorite projects
18:00 Experimenting with color pallets
21:30 Does Sinead start with RGB or Pantone colors + text outline advice
24:55 Exploring Adobe Fonts
40:00 Creating a wordmark
43:30 Sinead’s client presentation process
45:15 Advice for processing negative client feedback
49:20 Different font weights and formatting for a project
54:00 Creating mockups
01:23:50 Warping text
01:31:00 Creating a custom pattern
01:36:00 Associating words with your brand
01:39:15 Thought process behind altering fonts
01:49:50 Sinead’s least and most favorite part of the design process and why
01:52:15 Recap of Day 1 and plans for Day 2


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