Bruce Mau – What Will Be.Com Of Us?

Lecture date: 2000-11-22

We are living at a moment when the definition of things is open for negotiation, and design is, after all, a thing open to definition. Administrative frontiers are up for grabs. Technology is allowing and in some sense demanding and promoting an embedded intelligence beneath the surface of our work. More and more, software carries the burden of expertise, liberating our energies for more ambitious objectives. The integration of intelligence promises and insists on the redefinition of work and design itself. – Bruce Mau, Life Style.

President and Creative Director of Bruce Mau Design, former Creative Director of I.D. Magazine, design Director of Zone Books, Bruce Mau has gained international recognition for his innovative and multi-disciplinary work. He has collaborated with many artists and architects including Frank Gehry, Claus Oldenburg, Michael Snow, Douglas Gordon, and Rem Koolhaas (to produce the award-winning S,M,L,XL.) In this lecture Mau discusses his book Life Style and the future of design practice.



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