Brewery Illustrations with Bobby Rivers – 2 of 2

Join artist Bobby Rivers on Adobe Live as he draws a beer can label in Photoshop. Follow along with Bobby as he sketches, adds color, and texture to his drawing all in Photoshop. Stick around for part two as he shares how his illustration can be used for prints, t-shirts, and more!

Guest Bobby Rivers is an artist based in South Lake Tahoe, CA:

Host Chris Blackstock is an illustrator, concept artist, taste-maker, and donut eater, based in CA: |

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:07 Recap of Day 1
11:04 Color process
15:13 Turning on multiple color layers
20:35 Adding shadows and highlight layers
33:23 Video games and brains
37:22 Add color to the butterfly wings
39:03 Using reference for color
43:51 Seeing your work art out in the wild
47:18 Discussing mural work
50:24 Painting the “turkey tails”
59:05 Bobby’s first live stream – Zoom calls
1:03:04 Learning resources
1:12:23 Recap of the project so far
1:21:55 Variety of artistic careers
1:30:19 Artist Spotlight of Dana Bechert
1:36:27 Finishing the right leg
1:40:59 Odd foods
1:42:26 Managing deadlines and events
1:51:00 Bobby’s inspirations
1:53:45 Recap and wrap-up


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