Bo Skovhus Interview: The Voice is the Key to the Soul

“The voice is a bastard” says opera singer Bo Skovhus in this video about the voice and how it is the key to the soul. It reveals our emotions and says something of the conflict between feelings and intellect: “Why is the heart not the same as our mind?”

In this video Danish baritone opera singer Bo Skovhus (b 1962) talks about how difficult it can be to make a living of your voice. The voice is a part of you deeply influenced by how you are feeling. As a singer you have to be able to get into character to tell a story, while at the same time being completely in touch with yourself, and thus singing is actually very tiring. The opera and lieder tradition which Bo Skovhus is so skilled at is very much about “speaking to the heart” he explains.

Skovhus studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, at the Royal Academy for Opera of Copenhagen and in New York with Oren Brown. His debut in 1988 as Don Giovanni in the Vienna Volksoper was a huge success and launched his international career..

Bo Skovhus was interviewed at the Louisiana Museum by Christian Lund, April 2013.

Camera: Klaus Elmer (& Alexandra Buhl)

Editor: Kamilla Bruus

Produced by Christian Lund, 2013

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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