Blind Futur studio tour Facebook Live with Art Center

Originally streamed live via Facebook from Art Center’s FB page. Studio tour and visit at Blind / The Futur.

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In case you missed the live feed, here’s the video of the tour of our space in Santa Monica.

ArtCenter’s visionary approach to art and design education is based on the College’s conservatory-like approach to teaching and learning; a desire for rich, intercultural and transdisciplinary dialogue; and a mandate to provide students innovative learning and making spaces.


00:06 Studio Tour – Introduction
00:50 Reception Area
01:30 Conference Room
02:46 Kitchen Bar
03:30 Chris’ Office
04:33 Awards Wall & History of Blind
06:47 Q: What is an interactive music video?
07:30 Q: Could you tell us about the paintings on your wall?
08:56 The Workout Room
09:54 Q: How does exercise help your creative work?
11:00 Q: Can you tell us how you see your company evolve into a media company?
12:56 Design awards & Realizations
14:18 Q: What made you start TheFutur Youtube Channel?
15:40 Q: Do you and Jose work together with you at blind?
17:00 Team Workspace
20:20 Storyboard examples of interactive music videos
22:00 Meet Matt – Creative Director @ Blind
23:00 Q: Do you feel that your classes relate to design work outside of the united states?
25:15 Q: What software do you use?
26:50 Server Room
27:10 Toy Rack
27:56 Film Room / Stage
29:30 Rapid Fire Questions
33:28 Q: What is your happy place?
34:33 Q: What are some of your most happy moments?
35:49 Q: How would your closest friend describe you?
36:18 Q: What advice would you give to creatives who are interested in what you are doing?

Key Takeaways:

The Sound Quality of your voice matters a lot when doing calls and building rapport.
My Philosophy: Get out of the way, and let people do what they do.
It’s the misadventures in life that become the most memorable.

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Executive Producer– Christine Spines
Interviewer— Christine Spines
Host– Chris Do
Cinematography– Matt Mayes
Editor– Live
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne
Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor
SEO— Jacob Campbell


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