Black and White Adjustments in Photoshop | Now Available for Color Images!

The black and white adjustment layer gives you more flexibility in adjusting the tones of the image. It allows you to treat different colors separately and make a dramatic black and white image. In this short video, we will discover how to make this awesome feature available for color images.

Be it any software or plugin, black and white images are given the leeway to be toned with more options and controls as opposed to color images. One of the reasons of this is that in Black and White, you have no colors and so, you have to have the ability to control how each color is being converted and represented. But sadly, the ability to control each color just like a slider for color images itself is not that easy. In this video, we will make the sliders for black and white available for color so that you tweak different tones separately just in sliders. Either the skin tones, the reds, blues, cyans etc.

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