Live Editorial Design with Marçal Prats 1 of 3

Join graphic designer and art director Marçal Prats as he teaches us how to create beautifully designed reports in InDesign! Today, Marçal begins creating an annual report for a clean energy company called “deepenergy!” By leveraging a design brief and assets, he teaches us how to prepare InDesign documents for quick and easy designing. Afterwards, Marçal begins designing the visual pages within the report. From colors and grids to font styles and character styles, stick around for document prep pro-tips!

Marçal is a graphic designer and art director currently functional as a senior fellow at GovLoop. His past clients include: Oracle, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, MotoGP & SanDisk.


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Background and portfolio: 2:30
Work begins: 23:00
How to set up a document in InDesign: 28:00
How to use baseline grids: 45:45
Tips for exporting with working links: 55:45
How to change between view modes: 1:03:00
Overview of the work completed: 1:48:30

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