Ben van Berkel: Superliving – from exclusive to inclusive

Contrary to popular belief, many of the luxuries commonly associated with high end residential developments are no longer limited to the affluent alone. A growing consciousness of all things beneficial to health and happiness is resulting in a trickling down effect and a widespread societal demand for healthy living environments. Today’s residents want convenient shared amenities which encourage a sense of community and promote physical and psychological wellbeing. On the one hand we are witnessing the global development of big data and smart cities, while on the other there is call for ‘social cities’ with a more creative mix of work, welfare, active leisure and community sharing. Health and wellbeing have recently evolved from a seemingly universal social right, to the responsibility of the individual. From experiments in human gene-editing and biohacking, to increased demand for affordable fresh and healthy produce for all, a new egalitarian ideal is emerging which increasingly renders the exclusive, inclusive.

Source by World Architecture Festival

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