AUDIO MASTERCLASS | Let’s Work on YOUR Voiceovers (Pt2of2)

In today’s livestream, we’ll continue where we left off last week, working on user-submitted, raw VO tracks. I’ll go through some of my typical technicals for evaluation, processing, compression/loudness, EQ and more.
00:00 Start
05:35 Starting with VO files – viewing Amplitude Statistics
10:47 Adding music under a voice over
14:56 Compression settings
20:29 Parametric Equalizer – brightening VO
29:42 Editing VO to match music
34:19 Ducking adjustments for a VO and music mix
39:35 Beginning a new VO edit – viewing Amplitude Statistics
44:40 Attenuating DB levels for a VO track
45:59 Using the Spectral Frequency display – lowering amplitude for noise reduction
53:55 Compressing the VO and adding EQ



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To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.


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