Art from the 1960s | NOW ON VIEW

There are countless ways to explore the history of modern art, architecture, design, and the moving image. In this short film, experience highlights from the Museum of Modern Art’s 1960s collection, a decade filled with artistic experimentation, and sociopolitical upheaval across the globe.

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Works shown include:

0:01 – “Inextinquishable Fire,” Harun Farocki
0:06 – “E-Type Roadster,” Sir William Lyons; Malcolm Sayer; William M. Heynes
0:15 – “Gold Marilyn Monroe,” Andy Warhol
0:18 – “Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Kennedy,” Richard Avedon
0:23 – “Mao-Hope March,” Oyvind Fahlstrom
0:28 – “Mao-Hope March,” Oyvind Fahlstrom
0:31 – “Double Elvis,” Andy Warhol
0:48 – “Untitled,” Lee Bontecou
0:58 – “F-111,” James Rosenquist
1:02 – “Inextinquishable Fire,” Harun Farocki
1:10 – “Passing,” Alex Katz
1:22 – Untitled photographs from the Apollo missions, NASA
1:31 – “What is painting,” John Baldessari
1:44 – “Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin,” Ludwig Van der Rohe
1:49 – “Slack of Net,” Jiro Takamatsu
1:49 – “Collage of Sector Models,” Constant (Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys)
1:57 – “Kustom Kar Kommandos,” Kenneth Anger
2:03 – “Eurasia Siberian Symphony 1953,” Joseph Beuys
2:07 – “untitled (to the “innovator” of Wheeling Peachblow),” Dan Flavin



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