Are NIMBYs Selfish?

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This video discusses the “Not in my backyard” mindset, using the backdrop of San Francisco.

This video on Nebula:

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Resources on this topic:

Bay Area Residents Survey:

Single Family Zoning in SF:

Rethinking “RH” Zoning in SF:

Great journal article on NIMBYism:

Historic Preservation vs. Affordability:

Seattle Housing to Office Example:

Journal article on cost-benefit analysis for Historic Preservation:

Journal article about upper-middle-class NIMBYs:

Journal article: “Understanding and Overcoming the NIMBY Syndrome”:

Example of NIMBY debate in SF:

Example of NIMBYs not being opposed to affordable housing in theory, but against it in their backyard:

Journal article that describes NIMBY opposition in SF:

Journal article about NIMBY mindset:

Produced by Dave Amos and the fine folks at Standard Studios.
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