Logo design trends of 2021, are they USELESS and should you ignore logo trends? Find out in todays video the answer to the question ‘are graphic design trends good’?
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I am very opinionated when it comes to graphic design trends, and I will admit that. I feely strongly that a logo or branding project should stay well away from design trends, and I explain exactly why in the video. It doesn’t matter if it is 2021 or if something is trendy and cool, I strongly believe that design trends need to stay away from the logo design world.

Now, sure a brand can incorporate a design trend within a part of their branding campaign, say for example and advert, but a brands identity should never be revolved around a design trend. That isn’t good design and it isn’t effective logo designing either. If you want a brand or a logo to stand the test of time, steer away from using design trends in the logo itself.

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