Architects Review and Redesign Portfolios (with @ShowItBetter) S02 E02

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Season 02 Episode 01 has already come out on Show It Better.
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Portfolio no.1 – Filip Popović

Portfolio no.2 – Tomiris

Portfolio no.3 – Verónica Salguero

Portfolio no.4 – Mohamad Nour Abo Amou

0:00 Intro
0:16 Important information before getting started
1:20 How to submit your portfolio for a future episode
1:43 Premium course on Architecture portfolios
1:56 Portfolio no.1 – Filip Popović
9:35 Portfolio no.2 – Tomiris
14:59 Redesigning Tomoris portfolio spreads
19:30 Sponsors help us create free content! Thanks for the support
20:58 How to use Issuu
22:27 Portfolio no.3 – Verónica Salguero
27:39 Portfolio no.4 – Mohamad Nour Abo Amou
31:01 Redesigning Mohamad Nour Abo Amou portfolio spreads
34:10 Final words and last comments
35:03 Steven gives some last compliments (easter egg)

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