Architects Redesign Competition Boards! Ep.3

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Here are the credits from the competition boards we used in the video:
Board no.1: Ataberk Yılmaz(burke_digital), Onurcan Mızrak(onurcanmizrak), Emre Gönençen(emregonencen), Ahmet Batuhan Akdemir(ahmetbatuhanakdemir)
Board no.2: Dhevat Sobti (dhevatsobti)
Board no.3: Coma Archi (
– Between parentheses, you can find their Instagram profiles. Thank you for submitting your work and good job on the boards!

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We accept portfolios, renderings, diagrams, drawings, competition boards, … anything inside the worlds of architectural representation and visualization.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Oliver Redesign Board no.1
6:20 Steven’s story time
7:14 Steven Redesign Board no.1
11:38 Comparison no.1
11:50 Information about the video and submissions
14:13 Steven Redesign Board no.2
19:19 Oliver Redesign Board no.2
24:18 Comparison no.2
24:35 Oliver Redesign Board no.3
28:30 Steven Redesign Board no.3
31:20 Comparison no.3
31:28 Final thoughts

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