Archigram's Instant City concept enables “a village to become a kind of city for a week” | VDF

Architect Peter Cook explains Archigram’s concept for a temporary city that can be set up overnight in the third instalment of our exclusive video series with the radical architecture group for VDF.

Archigram’s Instant City concept is a transportable kit of parts that can be quickly assembled to provide the inhabitants of small towns with access to the resources and cultural attractions of a large metropolis.

“Instant City was, in very raw terms, like a cultural circus,” Cook said in the video, which Dezeen filmed in London and is sponsored by Enscape.

“It takes the cultural essence of a metropolitan city and takes them around like a circus, so that a small town or a village could become a kind of city for a week.”

“Instant City was really based on our own Archigram experience, because we’d started giving lectures, packaging the Archigram ideas and going round with lots of projectors,” he explained.

“There was an intermediary project called Ideas Circus, which was much more specific, which was actually a set of teaching devices put on trucks with the odd inflatable.”

“It was that, allied to the period of open-air pop concerts – I think that was all in the air at the same time,” he added.

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