ArcDR3 Global Student Forum: “Confluence and Transfer:: Ideas in Exchange”

ArcDR3 _ Global Student Exchange Forum: Confluence and Transfer:: Ideas in Exchange provides a unique opportunity for the students from 11 universities participating in the ArcDR3 Initiative, to meet, to present their current and/or completed research and design projects, and to discuss future actions to advance the collective work on New Agendas for Regenerative Urbanism.
Participating Universities include UC Berkeley (USA), University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), University of Melbourne (Australia), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile), University of Tokyo (Japan), Tohoku University (Japan), Tsinghua University (China), University of Washington (USA) and UCLA (USA).

About the ArcDR3 Initiative:
ArcDR³ (Architecture and Urban Design for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience) is a global initiative that has invited 11 major universities from regions with recurring risks of natural disasters to participate by engaging in a collaborative research studio that pursues new strategies for risk-resilient environments across the Pacific Rim. By establishing an international platform for the production and exchange of knowledge on environmental design that reduces the risk of recurring disasters and enhances resilience, ArcDR3 aims to create a more effective integration of theory/research and practice/design.



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