Antón García-Abril, Débora Mesa (Ensamble Studio) – Structures of Landscape

Lecture date: 2016-12-05

Structures of Landscape are site-specific architectures that reinterpret geological transformation processes to cultivate structures made of landscape, from landscape. Structures that stir existing matter and reinforce it, that introduce new meaning and tension -new inhabitable space- to preexisting land forms, using highly engineered processes and welcoming unpredictable results. Structures of Landscape enable habitation without exploitation, and intimate relationships with the environment. They resonate with the soul of the place they are casted in, amplifying its values, and situate our actions in an ambiguous position between nature, architecture and art; they can be one and all, or a completely different category that only makes sense where it was born.

Ensamble Studio is a cross-functional team founded in 2000 and led by architects Antón García-Abril (Madrid, 1969) and Débora Mesa (Madrid, 1981). Their work has been extensively published in both printed and digital media, exhibited worldwide and awarded international prizes. Balancing education, research and practice, the office explores innovative approaches to architectural and urban spaces, and the technologies that build them.


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